Wednesday, February 16, 2011

John Boehner says "We're broke"

Speaker of the house John Boehner told reporters yesterday that we are broke. This was in response to someone asking him about proposed cuts which will cost quite few jobs. He said if it caused some to lose jobs it was fine because we are broke.

Boy I sure hope no trouble breaks out in the Sinai peninsula or Iran. How will we be able to get our young men to go fight if we cant pay them, or buy additional fuel for our carriers and airplanes? Will we need a bake sale? Maybe a golf tournament?

I really wish someone would ask him where the money would come from in the event of a new international crisis. Would we have to go to our banker (China) and ask for just one more 5 trillion dollar line of credit? How the hell does China get all these dollars when we cant....... aren't they US dollars???

How did we run out of money? Where was this "stock" of money kept and didn't someone have the job of telling us when it was running out? Why did we have to hear it from John Boehner?

They better not come asking me for any cuz I've got my bills to pay

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  1. Gee, I was reading the comments over at MacroMania, and some guy named Greg says, "Private debt is the problem, not public debt."

    I love it :)

    The friendly conservative at work today says he read on the blogs that there's no looting and stuff over in Japan, with all that mess going on. He says maybe we should let those people come to the U.S.A.

    So I'm thinkin: Why, because they're nice? How about because WE are nice??

    But I think I'm off-topic.