Saturday, January 12, 2013

Balanced Budgets are Un American

There can only be one way that a government can run balanced budgets in perpetuity, and that is to have  complete control of its income.  Without that a government can only set tax rates but not the amount of taxes it takes in.  As long as the private sector is determining the level of income everyone is collecting expecting a government to balance its books is a fools errand.  So how does a government have complete control of its income? It gets complete control of everyones salaries. IOW it employs everyone.  So, in fact, those who are clamoring for balanced budgets are asking us to move closer and closer to a command economy where the government has control of your income, sets tax rates and then controls what it receives in revenues.  Does that sound like the American dream?

Lets stop this balanced budgets nonsense.

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