Thursday, November 27, 2014

If He Could Just Throw a Football.......

Michael Brown was murdered by a racist cop.  In defense of the cops actions it was pointed out that Michael Brown was involved in a robbery where he stole a cigar worth less than 5 bucks.  This was supposed to make us understand how dangerous Michael was and urge us to sympathize with his killer.  He was obviously a thug.

Jameis Winston is a football player at FSU.  He stole crab legs, valued by some as around 80$,  from a Publix in Tallahassee while leading the Seminoles to a possible (at the time) BCS Championship game appearance.  FSU people (from maybe the most racist state in the country) urged us to have sympathy for the kid. They decried those wanting a suspension as over reacting to a minor infraction.
The "You wanna ruin this kids life over an 80$ mistake???" cry from the FSU faithful was deafening. Winston had already been charged with a sexual assault prior to this incident, but he was a Heisman candidate bringing in millions to the good ole boys in the  Florida panhandle.

Learn to throw a tight spiral little black boys.

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